The GrubHub Money Grab!

Is GrubHub in it for you, the restaurant, or for the money they earn
while you do all the work?

Hi, I’m Carl of OrderHub Hero. Let me tell you why do GrubHub need

They don’t cook, clean, wash the dishes, or lease a storefront. They
leverage and market to the network of customers you unknowing help

First they offer you their services for free in exchange for the
information they need to take your current and future customers.

Then they buy a domain similar to yours and put your menu on it. Any
orders from this domain will now cost you a flat fee.

With the perfect alternative URL for your business their SEO team
will slowly rob your website of traffic.

The window stickers, table tents, coupons to give your customers,
and so forth. Are only for new GrubHub customers, and to tell your
customers to order through GrubHub, who takes their commission every

All this “free” stuff works, but not for you.

For the commission you are paying GrubHub, you can do it yourself.
Get back the money earned by your hard work.

schedule an appointment via the link below and let me show you how.

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