Hi, I’m Carl with OrderHub Hero. Today's video will be on “The Origin
of Online Food Ordering, and why savvy restaurateurs are looking for
an alternative to GrubHub.

Online food ordering launched when GrubHub figured out how to place
paper menus online.

Customers still needed to call the restaurant, but at restaurant
owners’ request, GrubHub changed the system so incoming orders came
via fax.

Getting restaurants to pay to advertise on their platform was
difficult. Restaurateurs didn’t understand how placing their menu
online would help their business.

So GrubHub changed to a pay-per-order model. Instead of paying
upfront, restaurants would only pay a commission when GrubHub’s
service resulted in an online order.

Nowadays online food ordering systems are omnipresent. And there are
more user-friendly and much less expensive options available.

If you are a restaurant you don't need GrubHub; they need you!
I realized that for what I was paying GrubHub,

I could do it myself, and you too deserve the full profit, when you do all the work,
without commissions eating into your margins.

Get all the money earned by your hard work; schedule an appointment
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