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Helping Restaurants Take Control

At OrderHub Hero, we help restaurant owners nationwide fight back against "The Big 3" online food ordering networks by showing them how to set up their own networks. By taking back control of your processes and your relationships with your customers, you'll boost your sales and visibility. Call today for a Hero Consultation! Free of charge, the consultation is done over the phone and typically takes less than 45 minutes. Whatever food you serve, we're the team for you.

What do we do?

When you have an online presence, customers will traditionally look you up on Google. When they do so, they are presented with an "Order Now" placard that directs them to one of the larger online food ordering systems. So, while you may organically create traffic to your website for your patrons to order, you are charged for them ordering through "The Big 3." What most restaurants don't know is that "The Big 3" mislead them by implying this is mandatory.

Allow us to fix this! We have partnered with a software company that allows us to create an online ordering platform and to geofence, garnering you more customers. We will check your organic online search rankings, making sure that they point in-network to the customer instead of out-of-network to a larger online food ordering portal. This key service has an incredible effect on your business. Rely on us to make the right recommendations for your restaurant based on our extensive experience!

Food Delivery

How do I know if my restaurant is a good fit?

To take advantage of our services, you must be a restaurant or food service with a stationary location and your own food delivery system (which is not outsourced to a third party). Internet access is necessary, and a website is recommended (though not required). Having an established email list is helpful as well, though we can help create one as we begin collecting data.


Instead of redirecting your orders to "The Big 3," we direct your patrons right to your menu. By capturing their email address, phone number, and other details, you are able to deliver right to the patron while controlling the entire customer experience. This information will also enable you to network and alert customers of holiday offerings and specials. Controlling your advertising costs is a further benefit.


While "The Big 3" charge exorbitant prices, our food ordering platform involves a simple $40 monthly fee, plus 3% per order for the first $150 in net sales per month. There are no additional fees once the $150 net sales target has been met!