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How It Works

Website Ordering

Let your customers order from your website. Why send them to a site that also displays your competitors? Just keep in mind the third party site does not care, they make commission whether the customer orders from you or your competitor.

OrderHub Hero Pro-Tip

It has been my experience that nearly three-quarters of my customers visited my site before dining in or ordering online. That about 75%. Turn there visits into sales.

Get your Own Tablet

Having a tablet makes it easier to get the order right and frees up staff from taking orders on the phone. Get the orders in real-time.

OrderHub Hero Pro-tip

The goal is to have one tablet eventually instead of cluttering up your counter space with three or four OrderHubs.

Get your Own Dashboard

Why let some person in a cubicle in a faraway place manage your reports? You can get whatever customer insight you want when you want them. You can change or update without having to be placed on hold to speak to an account manager.

OrderHub Hero Pro-tip

You own the customer data. You can now smartly and efficiently market to your most loyal customers and grow your business in the process.

Stop delivering to the world

Create a delivery zone Geo-fence to make sure your online food delivery arrives hot and fresh, extending your restaurant to your customer's dining room.

OrderHub Pro-tip

The third party sites do not care about food quality. They would allow you to deliver up to 20 miles away from your restaurant if you would allow them. Delivery over two miles causes food quality to start to deteriorate.